Errands “R” Us

Story ripped from the headlines:  “Woman Found Safe in her Vehicle After Failing To Return Home for 48 Hours.  Claims She Was Just Running Errands. When interviewed, Mrs. X said she didn’t know what all the fuss was about.  ‘This was just my normal schedule, except my to-do list did not go as smoothly as

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Uncool Is The New Cool

I was at a gathering the other day when I overheard a remark that caused me to commit an impulsive act.  I shot out of my chair, ran over to a perfect stranger, and delivered a huge bear hug.  This very large man, who could have been Tony Soprano’s younger brother, was engaged in a

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Failure to Print

Honestly, did I really need another reminder that I was old? I thought I paid my dues this year with a few more wrinkles, deeper frown lines, a couple of extra sun spots, and a pair of eyeglasses that I was now required to use when driving.  Oh, and the addition to my never-again list

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