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Born and raised in New York City, Susan currently splits her time between Florida and Connecticut. She lives with her husband, and the world’s cutest dog, Sam, a rough-coat Russell Terrier. Susan gives her audiences a sideways view of life on a range of relatable topics. Whether skewering marriage, growing older, fashion, the media, politics, or money matters, her light touch keeps people laughing – and thinking.

Look Who’s Talkin’

Greetings grandparents and other significant others.  It’s that time of year again when colleges and universities fling open their doors and bless us with visits from our young scholars.  And once again I’m here to help in the event that you are fortunate enough to get them to unbend their necks and actually engage in

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A Funny Thing Happened on My Way to Assisted Living

Congratulations Seniors!  In addition to receiving benefits such as Social Security, Medicare, and discount movie tickets, you are now eligible to receive jokes in your inbox which keep reminding you that you’re old! It’s not that I resent jokes about aging.  I think laughing at ourselves is healthy as long as you empty your bladder

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In Praise of February

     I love February.  It’s short and sweet, but very important.  It’s the last full month of winter (not that that matters in South Florida), you can finally see the daylight lengthening, and it has some neat special designations.  Unfortunately, we’ve already missed National Dark Chocolate Day on February 1st, and National Eat Ice

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Your Open Table is Waiting

One of the goals of retirement, at least for women, is to maintain a spotless kitchen.  Current research has shown that the best way to accomplish this is to avoid cooking whenever possible.  Here in South Florida, as I’m sure in other sunny places where Snowbirds perch, we take these findings very seriously.  So, instead

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Words I Never Want to Hear Again in 2023!

Hi folks.  Happy New Year!  This is the last time I shall say “Happy New Year” in 2023.  It’s the middle of January.  It’s enough already!   There should be a National “Say By” date when it is no longer appropriate to utter those three words.  Much like a “Use by” or a “Sell by” date

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Drug Habit

Your time is through! And like all your predecessors, you’ve had your ups and downs.  You didn’t start out with your best foot forward because in February Russia invaded Ukraine.  On the upside, we’ve so far managed to avoid a nuclear Armageddon.  On the home front, the anticipated red wave in Congress never happened.  I’ll

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Let There be Light…and Latkes!

     Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights, will arrive at sundown this Sunday, December 18th.  No complaints this year about the holiday arriving too early or late.  In my humble opinion, it’s arriving at the best possible moment.  The eight nights of candle-lighting include illuminating the Winter Solstice on December 21, the longest night of

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Book Report

Dear Readers: I’m wordless!  Which is a sorry state for a writer.  Nevertheless, I’m not sure I have the proper vocabulary to convey my gratitude. My new book, Laughing My Way Through the Third Stage, now in its fifth week since its release in early October, has been selling like the idiomatic hot cakes. (Personally,

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Reading Between the Lines

Book clubs are all the rage.  They’re everywhere.  Oprah has one.  Civic groups and country clubs have them.  Chances are your church or synagogue has one.  (Come to think of it, they’ve been reading the same book for years).  Whether they’re formal and structured, or a free-for-all in someone’s home, book clubs just might be

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