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Higher Maintenance

Since becoming a "woman of a certain age" September has taken on a whole new meaning. I'm reminded of this as I sit at my desk, which suddenly has become strewn with postcards I've received from the medical community reminding me that it's once again time to check in for a check-up. I commented on

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Get Less Done!

As far as I'm concerned, "productive" should be a four-letter word.  I say this because, like other four-letter words, it's a curse.  Or can be, when one has become so accustomed to ''doing" that sitting still for more than three minutes at a stretch is proof positive that you're a lazy, therefore unworthy, member of

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The View from My Armchair

I am in recupery.  To describe my present condition as "recovery" gives the impression that I've entered a 12-step program.  Which I haven't.  Although I wouldn't object to attending AA meetings provided they were  held anywhere that was not my living room. As you know, if you were paying attention (see essay posted on July

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My Left Shoulder

I apologize for the fact that I’m late in delivering this new post.   That is, if anyone even noticed that  I’m a few days past my deadline.  Five to be exact, if you happen to mark your calendar.  Which I highly doubt.  But that’s okay.  I don’t mind my usual timeliness being taken for granted.

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“Write” way to Retire

Woog’s World: Former Westporter’s advice on ‘write’ way to retire October 24, 2015 WESTPORT NEWS About retirement, award-winning author and blogger, Susan Goldfein says, “If you’ve worked a long time, and you like what you’ve done, there can be empty space. There is definitely life after retirement. I found my thing…You can, too. Don’t worry

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Author’s Showcase

Delray Beach Public Lirbary’s 17th Annual Authors’ Showcase Has a Storybook Ending January 11, 2016 DELRAY BEACH PUBLIC LIBRARY The Delray Beach Public Library, 100 West Atlantic Avenue, recently held its’ prestigious 17thAnnual Authors Showcase. It was another great afternoon for readers and writers in Delray Beach. READ MORE

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Featured Author

Introducing TTN Featured Author: Susan Goldfein April 11, 2016 IMPACT NEWSLETTER It’s time to introduce the newest TTN Featured Author: Susan Goldfein. Susan Goldfein, born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, “recharged an old interest in writing” after she retired. She currently maintains a popular blog An Unfiltered Wit, on which she writes “short witty essays,”

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