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Observations about life from the far side of the hill

Susan started writing when she discovered, in retirement, that she looked terrible in golf clothes and canasta had way too many rules.  Looking for something personally meaningful to do that did not require wearing polo shirts, she enrolled in a class for fledging writers.  Not quite ready to tackle the great American novel, she began to write short, witty essays about life from the perspective of “a woman of a certain age.”

Deciding that the world needed another Erma Bombeck and\or Nora Ephron, with a bit of Andy Rooney thrown in for good measure, she went public. Susan created her blog, now called Susan’s Unfiltered Wit, where she continues to entertain her generation of pre-baby boomers and beyond with new posts twice a month.

The Biggest Loser.  Not.

We all know that life isn't fair.  I think we learn that when we're still young, and the examples keep piling up. For instance, have you ever been in a public restroom stall, and just finishing your business, when the toilet paper falls off the spindle and rolls under the door? Not fair! Or, you're driving on a road with a 40 mph speed limit which suddenly goes downhill and the speed limit switches to 25 mph and a cop is waiting at the bottom? So not fair! Or you buy some seasonal fruit which looks so delicious and you

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