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Susan started writing when she discovered, in retirement, that she looked terrible in golf clothes and canasta had way too many rules.  Looking for something personally meaningful to do that did not require wearing polo shirts, she enrolled in a class for fledging writers.  Not quite ready to tackle the great American novel, she began to write short, witty essays about life from the perspective of “a woman of a certain age.”

Deciding that the world needed another Erma Bombeck and\or Nora Ephron, with a bit of Andy Rooney thrown in for good measure, she went public. Susan created her blog, now called Susan’s Unfiltered Wit, where she continues to entertain her generation of pre-baby boomers and beyond with new posts twice a month.

For Mature Audiences Only

Warning!  If you are even slightly shy, you might want to stop reading now.  Because today I will be discussing an intimate body part known as the “intergluteal cleft.”  Translation for those of us not having a medical dictionary at hand, I am referring to our butt cracks! If you watch even a smattering of television, I’m sure you’ve noticed the commercials for a product called Lume, pronounced Lu-mee.  (Sorry, my keyboard doesn’t have the appropriate diacritic key.)  It’s hard to miss.  The in-your-face face of its inventor, one Dr. Shannon Klingman, does a close-up so close up on your

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