A Funny Thing Happened on My Way to Assisted Living

Congratulations Seniors!  In addition to receiving benefits such as Social Security, Medicare, and discount movie tickets, you are now eligible to receive jokes in your inbox which keep reminding you that you’re old! It’s not that I resent jokes about aging.  I think laughing at ourselves is healthy as long as you empty your bladder

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Four Score Plus One

I had a very lovely Super Bowl Sunday birthday.  Thank you for asking.  And the outcome of our marital scrimmage about which occasion to celebrate? Both sides won.  We had an early dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant.  Agreeing to skip coffee and dessert, we were finished in time to join some friends to watch

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Romancing The Crone

This essay originally appeared on September 17, 2015.  I'm pleased to say I'm still standing and embracing the Third Stage of my life! For those of you who have imagined me lounging by the pool for the month of August, that couldn't be further from the truth.  In fact, I've been lounging on my screen

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The Meaning of Life (Time Warranty)

Come on, admit it.   We are all subject to occasional morbid thoughts, especially at that point in life when the number representing our chronological age exceeds the highway speed limit.  Don’t tell me that you never think about the Grim Reaper, the Dark Angel, or any of the other euphemisms you can name to avoid

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Group Membership

I reached a milestone birthday this past weekend.  No parades, no fireworks, and I respectfully social-distanced with my friends by not inviting them to a party.  Instead, I passed a quiet evening with my honey at our favorite Italian restaurant, outside of course.  And no gifts, please.  I live in Florida now and have no

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