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It’s Labor Day and White is Still All Right!

Labor Day weekend is upon us, and despite the fact that we were just experiencing a heat wave,  come Monday, summer is unofficially at an end. In truth, summer is not really over until the calendar says it is, on or about September 21.  But then, the calendar completely ignores the real indications of the

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Fake Views

Mirror, mirror in the store You made me look like a size four But in my home what did I see? A plus-size looking back at me! Please forgive my corny rhyme, but I'm pretty sure this is the question that the Wicked Queen would be posing to her magic mirror if she and Snow

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Old Ironsides

At first, I wasn’t sure why my mind wandered to this particular topic.  It might have been the sense of  torture brought on by endless exposure to political gurus. Or perhaps it was the stomach ache which followed an uncontrollable fit of laughter.  The latter occurred  as I was perusing the latest issue of The

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April Is The Cruelest Month…

April is a month that seems to inspire poetry.  However, Chaucer, who praised April in his prologue to the “Canterbury Tales” would certainly not have agreed with the opening line of T.S. Eliot’s famous poem, “The Wasteland,” quoted above.  But then again, Chaucer was not a woman who had to face the terror and humiliation

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Transition Time

Greetings from Florida.   I’m pleased to report that once again we have arrived safely.  And once again I find myself surrounded by all of the suitcases and boxes of clothing that now require unpacking and stacking back into the closets and drawers.  Each year as we make this transition I vow I will do better,

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The Right To Bare Arms

Overheard at Saks: Shopper No. 1:“Ooh, that’s such an adorable dress.” Shopper No. 2:  “So why don’t you try it on? Shopper No. 1:  “Are you crazy? It’s sleeveless! As we approach the warmer weather, I am convinced that this scene will be replayed over and over again in boutiques and department stores across the

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Uncool Is The New Cool

I was at a gathering the other day when I overheard a remark that caused me to commit an impulsive act.  I shot out of my chair, ran over to a perfect stranger, and delivered a huge bear hug.  This very large man, who could have been Tony Soprano’s younger brother, was engaged in a

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