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Lord, Won’t You Buy Me A Mercedes Benz….

It is October, and adhering to the biannual rhythm of our recent life, we have returned to Florida.   The flight fortunately was uneventful, and we arrived, as scheduled, on the same Saturday on which we boarded the plane.  The dogs arrived on Sunday, driven from Connecticut by their faithful friend and chauffeur, Kevin.  After unpacking

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The Road Not Taken

It was my personal opinion that if your car had a GPS, your marriage had at least a fifty percent better chance of lasting than the national average.   I confess that this conclusion was not based on a government-sponsored scientific research study, but rather on anecdotal evidence gathered from years of road trips with two

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Mea Culpa

This is so awkward! The situation in which I currently find myself is both embarrassing and humbling.  But I must be strong and endure the humiliation of a public confession. Over the past year, I have written about the tiny, but not insignificant, imperfections in my married life.  I have shared with you the fact

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