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Husbands in Cars Going to Costco (with apologies to Jerry Seinfeld)

It is the common wisdom that men, especially men of a certain generation, do not like to shop.  In fact, a British survey of over 2,000 people found that men became bored after only 20 minutes of shopping, while women could go for a full two hours.  This should come as a surprise to no

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If I Should Die Before You……

Please don’t stop reading.  I promise that, despite the title, what follows is not a downer.  Rather, it’s an observation, a practical consideration, and maybe even a little bit funny. What precipitated my seemingly ghoulish reflection was an actual conversation I had with my husband, a semi-retired attorney, who, for the past three years has

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Becoming the Quibblers

When I was a young married person, I would sometimes find myself in the company of an older married couple who had been together for a very long time.  And it was impossible not to notice that they would frequently disagree over the most unimportant subjects.   And this disagreement would invariably lead to an argument.

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Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow…..

When it comes to decluttering, the world seems to consist of two types of people: those who are able to divest themselves of inanimate objects once they’ve outlived their usefulness, and those who would sentimentally cling to an old rubber band. Darned if I know why letting go of things is so difficult for some people,

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I am of the firm opinion that if a project is advertised as something you can do yourself, it should be exactly that.  Yourself.  Alone.  No assistance required.  And therefore, no possibility of discord with the significant other. It is with this belief that, singularly, I have tackled furniture purchases from Ikea and Crate and

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