What’s in a Word?

Would cheugy by any other name be as drip? Now that I’ve completely confused my Spell Check as well as anyone reading this, let me remind you that it’s once again time for my ESL quiz.  That is, English as a Second Language as spoken by our high school and college-age grandkids. Spring break is

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Look Who’s Talkin’

Greetings grandparents and other significant others.  It’s that time of year again when colleges and universities fling open their doors and bless us with visits from our young scholars.  And once again I’m here to help in the event that you are fortunate enough to get them to unbend their necks and actually engage in

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Words I Never Want to Hear Again in 2023!

Hi folks.  Happy New Year!  This is the last time I shall say “Happy New Year” in 2023.  It’s the middle of January.  It’s enough already!   There should be a National “Say By” date when it is no longer appropriate to utter those three words.  Much like a “Use by” or a “Sell by” date

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Can We Talk?

It’s 2022, and if you’re only just getting last year’s slang, forget it!  Gen Z has invented a whole new lexicon.  The March breaks are over, but it’s not too late to prepare for the April school vacation and visits or texts from the grandkids.  Don’t get what they’re saying? Once again, I’m here to

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In the Beginning……

There is a consensus among linguists that the English language is weird.  (Well, maybe not all linguists, but two or three, at least.)  That might be because English is like your pet dog if your dog happens to be a mutt.  What makes a mutt weirdly, and wonderfully, unique is that it has borrowed its

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Utter Nonsense

Yeet!  Get ready Boomers and Pre-Boomers, it’s Spring Break time again and your Gen Z grandkids are on the loose.   Want to spend some time with them and be really savage?  Then don’t be baby and learn to talk the talk! Yes, it’s time for our annual English as a Second Language quiz.  Challenge your

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What’s My Demonym?

No, I did not invent that word in the title.  It's real.  But I'll get to that in a moment.  First, I have to own up to the fact that the subject of today's essay is definitely a reflection of having entirely too much time on my hands. Like everyone else, I don't get around

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Talk to Me

So your Gen Z grandkid is home from school.  (Can you believe she’s in college already!?!)  You overhear her talking on her iGen iPhone to her bestie.  It sounds like she’s speaking English, but is she? Not that you mean to be nosy, but you don’t understand a thing she says. But if you want

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