Yeet!  Get ready Boomers and Pre-Boomers, it’s Spring Break time again and your Gen Z grandkids are on the loose.   Want to spend some time with them and be really savage?  Then don’t be baby and learn to talk the talk!

Yes, it’s time for our annual English as a Second Language quiz.  Challenge your brain with these 10 examples of the latest Gen Z code words.  Your results will predict whether intergenerational conversation is still possible.

And, oh yes, don’t forgot those masks!


  1. Not too hot and not too cold
  2. A comedian that almost made it
  3. A misspelling by a dyslexic plumber
  4. A, maybe B


  1. Past tense of dink
  2. Abbreviated German “thank you”
  3. If you think it means musty and damp, you’re cold!
  4. A or C, but never B


  1. A Mark Twain book translated into Italian
  2. Someone refusing a $5 bill
  3. The end of “na”
  4. None of the above


  1. A lonely vowel surrounded by four consonants
  2. A new classification system for preferred sexual orientation
  3. A failed effort to bring back Lucky Strike cigarettes
  4. B, definitely B!


  1. Ollie’s friend
  2. Nats spelled backward
  3. The short form of Borat’s native land
  4. Who cares?


  1. A Scandinavian unmarried woman
  2. A typo of “finna”
  3. A new French cheese
  4. All of the above


  1. Telly Savalas’ Polish cousin
  2. A man named Jacob with lots of tsuris
  3. Trying to stop a horse named Jack
  4. Are you kidding me?


  1. Something to warm your hands. Not!
  2. One more than nine baseball gloves
  3. The result of crossing mice with baby cats
  4. Some of the above


  1. The second letter of the Hebrew alphabet
  2. Short form of Midler’s first name
  3. Short form of Davis’ first name
  4. Are we there yet?

Cap\No Cap

  1. Do I need a yarmulke in a Reform synagogue?
  2. An upper or lower case letter is optional
  3. Dilemma over best way to repair a broken tooth
  4. I’m getting a migraine!

What the scores mean:  7 – 10 – Excellent – You are Savage; 4 – 6 – Pretty Good – No Cap;  0 -3 – You are sleeping on!

What the slang words or phrases really mean:  Lewk:  something that’s your personal signature style; Dank: excellent or very high quality; Finna: I am going to….; LMIRL: let’s meet in real life; Stan: an obsessive fan, but not a creepy one; Finsta: secret social media account; Wojak: An internet meme used to express emotion; Mittens: something not quite amazing; Bet: a sarcastic “no”; Cap\No Cap: Lying\not lying.

Others: Savage: someone or something that is really great or cool; Sleeping on: not paying enough attention to someone or something.

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