Anthropo…. What?

Anthropomorphism, that’s what. You may not know the word, but I’ll bet you a month’s worth of Starbuck’s Chocolate Cream Cold Brew that you know what it is.  We all grew up with it.  Kids still do.  Mickey Mouse, Pluto, Bugs Bunny, Mr. Ed, talking teapots, minions, and the like. Anthropomorphism, a multi-syllabic word that’s

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Woman’s Best Friend?

I am crestfallen.  Dispirited. Sad. Dejected.  Although in this matter, I prefer crestfallen to the other synonyms since the origin of the word has to do with animals.  And my current unhappy mood has everything to do with an animal.  And with an article I recently read concerning research into the emotional life of dogs.

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Three’s A Crowd

We may disagree on a number of things, such as the best way to unroll the toilet paper, from the top or from the bottom, but my darling and I are in complete accord when it comes to dogs.  We love them, and can’t live without them. If you’re not a dog person, or even

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You Gotta Love Him!

So I’m sitting at my desk trying to write this essay.  Instead, I’m allowing my mind to wander and my attention to be distracted.  My eyes should be focused on the screen while my fingers fly over the keyboard.    But every few minutes I swivel my chair to the right and stare at what may

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How To Disturb The Peace

Looking over the kitchen counter, I can see my husband.  He is in the living room, sitting in his favorite chair, reading the newspaper, and leisurely enjoying his second cup of coffee.  It is early morning, and he’s still in his pjs, bath robe and slippers.  It is one of those days when he doesn’t

New Car Blues

It isn’t every day that one buys a new automobile.  Therefore, it should be an occasion marked with at least some measure of anticipation and excitement as I drive the shiny, as yet undented chariot off the dealer’s lot.  So why do I feel like I want to go directly home, cover my mirrors, and

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