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Born and raised in New York City, Susan currently splits her time between Florida and Connecticut. She lives with her husband, and the world’s cutest dog, Sam, a rough-coat Russell Terrier. Susan gives her audiences a sideways view of life on a range of relatable topics. Whether skewering marriage, growing older, fashion, the media, politics, or money matters, her light touch keeps people laughing – and thinking.

Harvest Time

For a city kid moving to the suburbs, the idea of having a vegetable garden was enticing.  Pioneer spirit, return to the soil, one with nature, and all the rest. Okay, so I wasn’t such a kid when, knowing nothing, I decided to dig up a patch of grass and turn it into a spot

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It’s Labor Day and White is Still All Right!

Labor Day weekend is upon us, and despite the fact that we were just experiencing a heat wave, come Monday, summer is unofficially at an end. In truth, summer is not really over until the calendar says it is, on or about September 21.  But then, the calendar completely ignores the real indications of the

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The Perfect Dress

I have been on a quest for the perfect dress.  Perfect for me, that is. And I do have some very specific requirements.  Requirements that I probably didn’t have when I was 30 years younger.  But you know how that is.  If you don’t know, you might be too young to relate to this essay. 

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Call the Exorcist!

Ever hear of an earworm?  Even if you haven’t heard the term, I’m sure you’ve experienced the phenomenon. An earworm is a tune that pops into your head, seemingly from nowhere, and you can’t get rid of for hours, sometimes even days.  It’s a melody that slowly clings to your brain and quickly gets on

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This Has To Be Great Because I’m a Celebrity!

In the interest of full transparency I am stating at the outset that the idea for this essay did not originate with me.  So, New Yorker Magazine, if you’re listening, I give you full credit. In a recent on-line “Daily Shouts” column, the author, Jenny Arimoto, wrote a spoof on celebrity beauty brands.  Naming recent

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Skin Is In!

Or more accurately, skin is out!  I will explain. It’s summer 2023 and this genetically predisposed city kid is once again happily roaming Manhattan’s west side, walking Sam the Dog, and gawking.   As a confessed non-reader of fashion magazines or the New York Times Styles section, there is still no place like a big city

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Northern Exposure

     Another season, another reason to vacate Florida for the cooler climes of the northeast.  As lovely as it is to have the good fortune to spend the winter months where scarves and gloves are not required, I feel equally fortunate to be able to leave when the temperature and humidity are responsible for

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Addicted to the Grid

It could have been worse.  To arrive at my happy place, I could have turned to drugs or alcohol.  Or consuming entire packages of Fig Newtons in one sitting.  But instead, I was drawn to something far less expensive and much lower in calories.  Over time, I’ve evolved into a crossword puzzle junkie! We all

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