Do you think that cheddar is cheese, or tea is a beverage that’s the British cure for just about everything?  Well, clearly you’re not woke to the latest reinventions of the English language. But don’t despair.  Help is here.  School may be out, but continuing education knows no season.

It’s once again time for the annual English as a Second Language quiz.  Challenge your brain with these 10 examples of the latest Gen Y and Gen Z code words.   Your results will predict whether conversation with your grandchildren is still possible.

1. Turntup

a. A dyslexic root vegetable.
b. Opposite of turntdown.
c. A vegetarian paint remover.
d. a or c, but never b.

2. RN

a. The hospital worker who wakes you in the middle of the night to take your temperature.
b. The back half of a fern.
c. Two consonants in search of a vowel.
d. None of the above.

3. Zaddy

a. The male parent of a zebra.
b. Someone who is always very zad.
c. A young boy from Zanzibar.
d. Please shoot me!

4. Tea

a. If you think it’s what you drink, then bag it!
b. The letter that follows S.
c. The thingy that holds up the golf beall.
d. None of the above.

5. Aggro

a. A marble on steroids.
b. A farm in Romania.
c. A group of aggs in single file.
d. I’m getting a migraine!

6. Awks

a. Cockney birds of prey.
b. Skwa spelled backwards.
c. Twin auks
d. All of the above.

7. Yas Queen

a. The female winner of the Ya Ya contest
b. Ascendant to the throne of Yas
c. An affirmative response to a member of the royal family
d. Give me a break!

8. Thicc

a. Half a hiccup.
b. A lisper declaring that he doesn’t feeling well.
c. An anagram of chict
d. Some of the above.

9. Cheddar

a. Definitely not cheese.
b. Someone who copies from someone else’s exam paper.
c. A detection system used to track the whereabouts of Guevara.
d. I’d like to phone a friend, Regis.

10. OOTD

a. Scrambled TOOD
b. A football game with no touchdowns.
c. A mournful cry from an owl with a hangover.
d. Are we there yet?

What the scores mean:  7 – 10 – Excellent – You are GOAT; 4 – 6 – Pretty Good – but not quite lit; 0 – 3 – you need milk!

Any interest in the intended usage of the above? Here it is!  1.  Turntup: to be high or drunk; 2. RN: Right now!; 3. Zaddy: man of a certain age who oozes sex appeal; 4. Tea: hot gossip; 5. Aggro: wild almost to the point of losing control; 6. Awks: short for awkward; 7. Yas Queen: express enthusiastic support or excitement; 8. Thicc: bigger body part or a bigger person; 9. Cheddar: money; 10. OOTD: Outfit of the Day.

And a few more referred to above:  GOAT – greatest of all time; Lit – extremely cool; milk – help or improvement.

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