So your Gen Z grandkid is home from school.  (Can you believe she’s in college already!?!)  You overhear her talking on her iGen iPhone to her bestie.  It sounds like she’s speaking English, but is she? Not that you mean to be nosy, but you don’t understand a thing she says.

But if you want clout, don’t be basic.  Simply learn the Gen Z slang and you’ll be totes Gucci.

Yes, it’s time for the annual English as a Second Language quiz.  Challenge your brain with these 10 examples of the latest Gen Z code words.  Your results will predict whether intergenerational conversation is still possible.

1. Cap/No Cap

a. Indecision regarding use of an upper case letter
b. Do you need a yarmulke in a Reform synagogue?
c. Dilemma over best way to repair a broken tooth.
d. a or c, but never b

2. Yeet

a. Latest super food combining a yam and a beet
b. Inquiry to determine if someone already had a meal
c. An Irish poet
d. None of the above

3. Boujee

a. The fourth Gibb brother who went out on his own
b. A swing dance done on one leg
c. Someone who is a recipient of a bouj
d. a, definitely a!

4. Go Ham

a. Rooting for the actor who starred in Mad Men
b. Give up being kosher
c. The place where Ba Man lives
d. Are we there yet?

5. Bruh

a. A male sibling
b. A sound you make when it’s cold outside and you suffer from indigestion
c. A unisex undergarment
d. Please shoot me!

6. HMU

a. Three consonants in search of a vowel
b. A school started by the Queen of England
c. Sound made by a dyslexic bee
d. All of the above

7. Steez

a. Zeets spelled backwards
b. A sugar substitute made from the steezvia plant
c. Something that belongs to Stee
d. I’m getting a migraine!

8. Ligma

a. The thing that holds your bones together
b. Like a stigma, but smaller
c. A scrambled email provider
d. Some of the above

9. Sus

a. Two-thirds of my first name
b. A misspelled cry for help
c. A palindrome signifying nothing
d. Please let this be over soon!

10. Hella

a. Feminine version of hello
b. A place where bada people go
c. Couldn’t decide to name the kid Helen or Ella
d. Who cares?

What the scores mean:  7 – 10  Excellent, you are GOAT; 4 – 6 Pretty Good, but not quite lit; 0 – 3  Don’t even try to talk to a Gen Z.

What the slang phrases really mean: Cap/No Cap – Cap means you’re lying, No Cap means you’re not; Yeet – a way to say yes or express excitement; Boujee – someone who enjoys lavish or extravagant things; Go Ham – explode or respond in anger; Bruh – gender neutral term for a friend; HMU – acronym for Hit Me Up; Steez – when someone is effortlessly stylish they have “steez;” Ligma – a made-up disease; Sus – short for “suspicious;” Hella – many, lots of

Other:  GOAT – Greatest of All Time; Lit – when something is amazing; Clout – popularity and fame; Basic – someone who is unoriginal; Totes – totally; Gucci – awesome.

Please don’t be dismayed that this is the last quiz just because we’ve come to the end of the key pad.  Next year we go Greek with Generation Alpha, offspring of Gen Y, aka Millennials.  OMG! Are they reproducing already?

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