Dear Readers:

I’m wordless!  Which is a sorry state for a writer.  Nevertheless, I’m not sure I have the proper vocabulary to convey my gratitude.

My new book, Laughing My Way Through the Third Stage, now in its fifth week since its release in early October, has been selling like the idiomatic hot cakes.

(Personally, I’m not that crazy about hot cakes, or pancakes, or flap jacks, or whatever you want to call them.  Unless you drown them in butter and syrup, I find them rather tasteless.  But fortunately for IHOP and church socials, and in this instance, books, I seem to be in the minority.)

I’m proud and humbled to report that Laughing My Way….. made its way to the top spots for new releases in several Amazon categories:  Humor Encyclopedias, Comedy, Parodies, Aging Parents, and Exercise and Fitness for Aging.  I don’t quite get the last one, but if I’d known that reading burns calories I would have made the book longer!

I’ve also been fortunate enough to have garnered some media attention as well, both in print, and on a You Tube TV segment.

So, a heart-felt thank you to everyone who has added my latest effort to your bookshelf or your Kindle and allowed me to achieve this level of early success.

Before I sign off, do I have to remind you that the holidays are approaching?  My book makes a perfect gift for the woman slaving away to prepare the Thanksgiving feast.  And if the conversation around the table gets a bit too hot, what better way to lower the temperature than by reading aloud from one of my essays?

And did I tell you that my book was specifically designed to fit comfortably into one of those stockings you hang wherever?  And for Hanukkah, you might want to consider the Kindle as you light the candle.  (Even the term “Kindle” hints at a bit of Yiddish, don’t you think?)

But with or without my book at the table, I wish you all a Happy and Peaceful Thanksgiving!

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